Project Mosaic LLC

Our story

What is Project Mosaic?

It's the idea that if we break down our differences, we can start to see patterns of similarities and complementary relationships. In general, many indigenous people have a more wholistic view of systems, processes, and organizations than corporate mainstream perspectives.  Balance and interconnectivity are important indigenous values.  Our skilled facilitators and trainers can teach your organization how to evaluate your goals from an alternative cultural lens.  We create opportunities to bond from the ways your team and resources fit together, creating a more colorful, beautiful whole.

We are a family owned and operated group of consultants, and we bring in other highly experienced Native American experts for projects to help your organization align with your cultural values.  

Our methods integrate the 7 R's which bring us together:

  • Respect
  • Relations
  • Responsibility
  • Reason
  • Reciprocity
  • Resiliency
  • Revolution

Owner and Founder of Project Mosaic, 
Jennifer Wolf, MPH 
Ponca, Ojibwe, Santee

Jennifer Wolf, MPH

Owner and Founder